Tattoos can be inked on the legs, hands, and other parts of the body irrespective of the gender. Upon tattooing, the skin undergoes irritation. To get rid of the infection and to provide relief  to the problems caused by the tattoos, A &D ointment plays a major role.The vitamin A and D present in the ointment helps in healing wounds and abrasions.

A D Ointment For Tattoos

About A&D Ointment

A & D ointment is one of the widely prescribed product for using on tattoos. It is a skin protective lotion that is used to protect the skin irritations and infections caused by the tattoos. It contains vitamin A and D, thereby providing relief to the tattoo affected areas.

What are the major ingredients?

The active ingredient of the ointment is the petrolatum. The inactive ingredient is the cod liver oil. Other major ingredients include light mineral oil, microcrystalline wax, and paraffin. Paraffin is used to add thickness to the ointment.

How well does it benefit?

As the ointment consists of lanolin, It provides moisture to the skin. It plays an effective role in relieving the pain, irritation, redness, pimples bumps and inflammation that are caused by the tattoos.

a & d ointment on tattoo

It is considered as one of the best anti-oxidant and anti- inflammatory lotions. Thus it can be used by anybody without any hesitation. It can reduce the infections caused by any kind of tattoo. It promotes the healing of tattoos in an effective manner.

A&D ointment for tattoos does not cause any harm to the people if they use the lotion in a proper manner. This ointment is used to relieve other skin disorders. It is used to preserve the skin from environmental irritants.

Points to consider

Apply the ointment on the clean and dry skin. While applying the ointment on the tattoos, wash your hands with soap. Before applying the A &D ointment, clean the portions which are covered by the tattoos. Switch to an unscented lotion after 3-4 days of usage.


Avoid exposing the tattoos to direct sunlight. Don’t allow others to touch your tattoo as it increases bacterial build up to your skin. Never peel or scratch the tattoo. Don’t rub the tattoo with alcohol, peroxide or cortisone. as it causes germs transfer into the skin with the use of the sponges or wash clothes.

It is advisable to avoid using the other ointments if a+d ointment is recommended by the doctor. Do not soak the affected areas in the lake, tub or pool. Avoid applying the ointment on wet skin. If you have the sensitive skin, it is preferred to apply the ointment in a small amount.

Best results can be obtained by following the procedures carefully. It is both beneficial and risky. Discontinue using it in the case of allergies and consult a dermatologist.

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A&D Ointment

Key Features: Lanolin, Vitamin A and D.

Pros: Protects your skin, prevents diaper rash.