Do you feel your tattoo as unwanted? Trying to remove it by laser method but not sure about the expenses? No worries! Read this article to get a brief idea about the expenses. Even though, tattoos are considered to be permanent. Now, tattoo removal has been performed by treatment to remove them partially or completely. Before the arrival of this laser method, it was performed by several methods such as dermabrasion, TCA, salabrasion, cryosurgery, and excision.

How Much Does A Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

Apart from these, there is an excessive demand for concealers and tattoo removal creams to cover up or fade the tattoos. It does not guarantee results. But,there is a need among the people who only wish to cover up the tattoos or fade it slightly without completely removing it.

What is a Laser treatment?

Initially,the laser treatment was performed with continuous-wave lasers. Today laser removal is widely performed with Q-switched lasers. It is the process of breaking down of the ink particles in the tattoo. The broken ink is then absorbed by the body and causes the tattoo to fade away. Each and every color of the tattoo pigments has a certain spectrum of light absorption which is to be contained in the tattoo removal laser.

Is it expensive?

Yes, it is. An average laser treatment cost $200 to $500 per session. As it takes a minimum of five sessions the price would hit about a minimum of  $10000.

What are the factors affecting the price?

The key price factors that the costs depend on upon are

  • The Depth of the ink injected into the dermis-The deeper the ink, the harder it is to remove costing more.
  • The size of the ink particle injected- the bigger the particles, the more it costs.
  • The location of the tattoo.
  • The company policy of the removal company-The costs varies according to the companies.
  • The color of the tattoo-The common colors can easily be removed, whereas the dark and the fluorescent colors cost more expensive.
  • The tone of the skin-A darker skin costs more than a lighter skin.
  • The Number of sessions required.

Here is a YouTube video that contains all the facts about Laser tattoo removal including cost, pain, and results.

Is there any additional cost included?

It does vary depending upon the pain management of the person. Generally, laser process is considered to be painful. So, many of them elect an anesthetic for providing anesthesia, which helps in the painless method of treatment. This might cost you additional charges about $50 or more depending on the number of shots of anesthesia provided. He may also give you a cream to apply after the treatment to avoid post treatment pains.

Is there any way to cut off costs?

The cost cannot be completely cut down to give a cheap treatment. It can considerably be reduced to a lesser amount by following the process given below.

  • Choose a full package, that is a package covering the total number of sessions instead of paying for every single session.
  • Choose the winter time for removal as the demand is high during the summer time for removal of tattoos as people wear lesser clothes than in winter.
  • Be flexible with the appointments provided by the physician. If you opt for a time at your convenience it might cost you extra money.
  • Prefer tattoo removal clinics over the dermatologists as they charge more than the clinics.

Go for the laser removal technique only if it is necessary to completely remove the tattoo. Always try using alternative methods like applying concealers to cover up the tattoos. It is better you get them inked in an unexposed place and in a lighter shade of ink to avoid regrets.

Have you ever undergone this treatment?What is the process you followed as post treatment care?Share your experience with us.