What are tattoos?

Tattoo is a method of altering the physical appearance of a person with the help of piercing in the non-removable ink into the outer layer of the skin.The professional tattoos can either be permanently inked or temporarily inked.They are inked with the modern electric tattoo machine.

Laser Tattoo Removal-Things To Know

Can they be removed?

Even though tattoos are considered to be permanent, tattoo removal has been performed by laser treatment to remove them partially or completely. Before the arrival of this laser method, it was performed by several methods such as dermabrasion, TCA, salabrasion, cryosurgery, and excision.

Apart from these, there is an excessive demand for concealers and tattoo removal creams to cover up or fade the tattoos. It does not guarantee results. But, there is a need among the people who only wish to cover up the tattoos or fade it slightly without completely removing it.

What is a Laser treatment?

Initially, the laser treatment was performed with continuous-wave lasers. Today laser removal is widely performed with Q-switched lasers. It is the process of breaking down of the ink particles in the tattoo. The broken ink is then absorbed by the body and causes the tattoo to fade away. Each and every color of the tattoo pigments has a certain spectrum of light absorption which is to be contained in the tattoo removal laser.

What is the Mechanism behind it?

It is a successful application of the theory of Photothermolysis. It  uses  the photomechanical effect to shatter tattoo particles. The energy is absorbed by the ink particles in a short time. Now the surface temperature rises and the energy falls down thereby creating a shock wave. It then penetrates into the skin and makes the tattoo ink to break down without affecting the skin.

Let we know about about the laser tattoo removal process by following YouTube video.

Can we expect a guaranteed result?

No. The results vary from person to person depending upon various factors such as the size of the tattoo, the color of the ink, the capacity of the spectrum of the laser light to penetrate into the skin. It requires a minimum of 6 sessions of treatment for a decent result to be obtained.

What are the possible side effects?

The side effects are huge in number. So before going for the treatment, it is better to be ready to face the after effects of the treatment. The side effects include the formation of blisters, swelling, Raising of the tattoo, pinpoint bleeding, redness. Not to worry,though. These are common post-treatment effects in almost every people and they usually vanish within a couple of weeks. If not,consult your doctor and take necessary medications.

One of the potential side effects of this treatment method is the lightening of the skin. It takes about a year to get corrected on itself. The Occurrence of scars and burns are also considered to be the major harm. There is a chance for the changing of the texture of the skin.


It gives results better than the creams and concealers. It permanently removes the tattoo. It is done under a prescribed physician.


It causes scars. It is a lengthy process. It is expensive to be done. It is painful. The working varies from person to person depending on the size of the tattoos.

In general, tattoos are inked using a permanent nonremovable ink to make it look attractive. It is always better to avoid those kinds of treatments and create harm to your skin. Even the tattoo removal cream may contain many harmful chemicals and hurt the layer of the skin. Incase, if you feel a tattoo as unwanted try using concealers and hide it temporarily as they are safer than other methods.

Good luck!!

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