Neosporin is an effective medicine used to treat tattoos.  It will protect and clean your skin by killing the bacteria. The Neosporin has a large concentration of zinc along with petrolatum which helps in rapid healing.

Apart from the healing factor,Is it good to use on tattoos? The article below will give you a clear picture about the pros and cons of using Neosporin on tattoos.

Neosporin On Tattoos

About Neosporin

Neosporin plays a major role in providing relief from the tattoos. It is used to reduce the pain and gives a soothing effect. The active ingredients in Neosporin include neomycin, polysporin, and bacitracin. The inactive ingredients include cocoa butter, cottonseed oil, olive oil, polymixin B, sodium pyruvate, vitamin E, white petrolatum, alpha – tocopherol and tocopherol acetate.

Method of application

First, you have to clean the area with the unwanted tattoos using soap or water and dry it completely. Wash your hands. Now, apply the ointment on the areas of the skin. It is preferred to apply this ointment up to 5 to 6 times a day. Apply during the night and you can feel the changes appeared on the next morning.

Does it benefit?

Neosporin consists of zinc and petrolatum, which are used to heal the infections of the tattoos effectively. It is an antibiotic product that fights against the bacteria, thereby preventing the infections in an effective manner. It helps to prevent the bacterial build up. The product gives a long lasting effect upon usage. Neomycin attacks the gram positive and gram negative bacteria.


Besides, it may also be applied on cuts, scrapes, and burns. It is considered as a good lotion in treating the tattoos and other skin disorders. This product is highly recommended by the dermatologists and so people can use it without any hesitation. It used to reduce the pain caused by the wounds. For best results, it is prescribed to use this product for several weeks.

What are the negatives?

Neosporin may cause allergy to the skin in rare cases. It leaves a permanently spotted appearance on the skin. It does not help in removing the color of the tattoo. The tiny red bumps seem to appear on the infected skin. Few suffer from loss of hearing, skin rash, swelling, and other skin irritations.

Avoid applying the Neosporin inside the eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. Use only the limited amount on the required areas of the skin. Avoid applying the product on the larger amount. Do not ingest or swallow the product as it can damage the liver or kidney. Store this product at 20 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius. Keep it away from children. This product is not recommended for children below 2 years of age.

Neosporin may have both the benefits as well as risks after using. To avoid problems, follow the instructions carefully. In the case of side effects,avoid using the product.

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