Having a tattoo on your favorite part of the body can be exciting, but it might be a tedious process if you need to remove the one. You may find different procedures for removing these unwanted tattoos, and most of them are successful in taking away them without leaving any marks.


Few of them try home remedies so that they don’t want to spend a lot of pennies out; this would be ok until you check out whether the method you are trying is safe and effective. Today in our article, we will check how to use salt to remove tattoos in depth.

Factors you should not do

There are certain things you should not do while you have picked the salt for removing the tattoos. Let’s check them in detail below.

Rubbing Salt into your Tattoo

Using salt to remove your tattoo has some dangerous propositions if you are not following the steps correctly, and here are the reasons for it.

There are two layers in your skins namely Dermis, the inner layer of the skin and Epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin. While you had the tattoo on your skin, the ink gets into the outer layer which is considered to be the exterior skin and also to the inner layer of the skin Dermis.

In this case rubbing the salt on the outer layer of skin is a waste of time, you need the salt to procure through the inner layer, just rubbing over the ink is not going to provide any results.

Apart from that, there are high chances for nasty road rash if you are going to rub the tattoo on the epidermis, this results in wrinkling, skin pigmentation and scarring. Not following the procedure correctly can make your tattoo look ugly and worse.

Why this Myth?

There are many reasons for, why the salt is considered to be the great tattoo eraser. When you put a tattoo, you will be advised not to immerse the tattoo into the water and mostly into the salt water.

I hope you got the logic, if you are not supposed to submerge the tattoo into the saltwater then why can’t you use it remove your tattoo? Simple right.

With the help of salt water, you can run, disperse or make your tattoo to get fade but there are no chances for your tattoo to get vanished. If you are soaking your tattoo part into the salt water within the few days of print then you’re part of the body may provide the worst look, so make sure you are using the salt water if you have tattooed before few month or years.

What about the Professional Procedures?

DIY salt abrasion which is otherwise known as salabrasion would not be the right idea as there are high chances of hurting yourself as we discussed earlier. Few professional procedures use salabrasion, and these types are so promising to remove the Tattoo without any fade.

A recent German study has derived that the salabrasion has provided the best results in tattoo removal process and also there are no chances for wrinkling, scar or any other related problems so that you can take this procedure for getting rid of the tattoo.

How is Salabrasion performed?

On the top of the tattoo, you will be given a topical anesthetic to make the part numb, then an ink gum device which indulges a saline solution is provided on the area to puncture the dermis, and the ink is drawn instead of depositing.

The procedure is just opposite in taking a tattoo; this method needs to be taken more than 6 to 8 weeks to see the best results.

Other few Effective Procedures

Some of the other reliable procedures you can try to get rid of the Tattoo includes

Laser Tattoo Removal

Considered to be one of the practical and safest procedures for eliminating the unwanted tattoo from different parts of your body. Aestheticians or Doctors shootout highly concentrated light pulse over the ink and therefore the ink get shattered and results in tattoo removal. One of the cost-effective method so that many lags behind for considering the option.


This procedure is same as the Salabrasion in which your ink is under trained professionals supervision, less costly when compared to the laser treatment. This treatment hurts a lot, and also the ink is still visible and does not get fade completely.

Chemical Peels and Cryosurgery

In the process of Cryosurgery, your skin is made numb and then with the help of the liquid nitrogen, your ink is burnt off. Chemical peels will cause your skin slough off and blister so that your tattoo ink get removed step by step. Both are painful and expensive, but it’s worth considering.


If you are not happy with any of the above procedures, then the final option is the Surgery. The doctor will remove the Tattoo skin and cinch old skin on the removed part with the help of a scalpel. This will be painful even if you are given a topical anesthetic.

Final Words

Hope the above steps on removing the tattoo with the help of salt or other procedure helped you to decide the process you need to go with.

Any ideas, queries, and thoughts on the above guidelines are welcome.