Tattoo removal seems to be a difficult job. People need to follow the steps carefully while removing the tattoo at home. It produces some sort of pain. But when you proceed the treatment in a correct manner, it won’t harm your skin. By reading the below review you can get a clear idea about how to remove the tattoo at home.

Removing Tattoo At Home

Home based Treatment to Remove Tattoo

Home based treatment is considered as the safest method to treat the tattoo. It costs lower than other tattoo removing methods. Both men and women can follow the treatment without any hesitation. It does not produce any side effects to the skin.


Initially moist the tattooed area with the warm cloth. Place half cup of  salt on the surface of the area. Gently rub the cloth on the skin. At once it starts to bleed and becomes red color. Then immediately washed off the salt. Otherwise, the pain seems to occur.

Soak the cloth in hydrogen peroxide and dab the area of bleeding to reduce the infection. You can keep vitamin E on it. Just covered the area with the medical gauze until scab tends to form. The ink of the tattoo becomes light when the scab begins to fall. If you want, you can repeat the procedure several times to get the best results.

Apricot Scrub

Mix apricot scrub, aloe vera gel, and vitamin E oil. Apply the mixture on the tattooed area to clear the tattoo. Leave them for 10 minutes. Afterward washed off with some water. Repeat the treatment for four times a day to get the best results. Within a single day, you can realize the changes.

Abrasive Scrubs

Combine the sanding powder with aloe vera carbamide peroxide gel. Keep the mixture on the tattooed area. Gently rub the area with the pumice stone for 10 minutes. Repeat the steps for 3 times a day. To get the best results, follow the steps for few months.

As the abrasive scrub seems to be very effective, it produces some sort of a pain to the people. Sometimes it may cause the scar to the people.

Lemon Juice

It is the cheapest method to treat the tattoos in an effective manner. Take a lemon and cut it into two equal halves. Squeeze the juice from it. Combine the juice of lemon with salt and stirred them thoroughly. Apply the mixture on the area with some pure cotton ball. Leave them for half an hour. Then washed off the mixture with water. As it contains citric acid, it removes the color of the tattoo in a safe way. It does not produce any harm to the skin. It cleans the skin. You can follow the instructions for twice or thrice a day to get the good results.

Home tattoo removal may not produce harm to the people. But at the same time, it takes more time to remove the tattoo. If you follow the treatment regularly without fail, it will surely produce you the best results. Let us know your comments about the clearing the tattoo at home.