The healing process last for three or four weeks. Not to rush the process of tattoo healing. Some tattoos heal within a short period of time. While others take a long time to heal. Below information may help to heal the tattoo.

Tattoo Healing Process

Process of Tattoo Healing

Redness tends to occur over the portion and also surrounding the tattoo. It will irritate the skin. If the artist had done the tattoo in a proper way means, it won’t produce bleed. The needle does not go deep enough to produce the blood.  Every tattoo takes minimum 10 to 15 days to heal the wounds of tattoos. At that period, you had to keep the area clean. You can apply the moisturizer to the skin.

The scab occurs at the final stage of healing process. When your body automatically produces the scab means, it is considered as the fastest way to heal the tattoo. At the same time some ink from the tattoo get fallen down along with the scab. After healing you can use the alcohol free lotion or skin repair ointment thrice a day to soften the skin. Once the healing gets over, the hair starts to grow on the tattoo.

The healing time depends on the how you take care of the tattoo. For some persons it may take six months to heal the tattoo. The healing process involves three stages. In the first stage the redness occurs. In the second stage the itching tend to form and in the final stage the scab appear and the tattoo gets healed within few weeks.

Tips for Tattoo Healing

  • Not to scratch or peel the scab of your tattoo. Scratching will cause some disturbance and thus, the tattoo won’t heal in a quick manner. It takes more time to cure. While peeling the tattoo, the loss of ink will appear on the tattoo. It produces some infection and irritates the skin. It causes scar on the tattoo.
  • You should cover the portion of the tattoo with clean cotton fabrics. The color of the cloth should be dark.
  • Avoid over exposure to sunlight. You can use some sunscreen lotions to protect your skin from dangerous effects.
  • Swimming needs to be avoided because the chlorine water may remove the color of your tattoo. The tattoo will not heal soon when you used to stay in the water for a long period of time. People should not soak their tattoo inside the dub.
  • Touching the tattoo frequently won’t allow healing in a proper way. Not to touch the tattoo with dirty hands.
  • People should wash the tattoo with unscented soap and water. Then dry it with clean soft paper towel. Then apply the thin layer of anti-biotic ointment on the surface of the tattoo.

WE hoped that this article may give you enough information about the healing process of tattoo.The tattoo can be healed soon by following the procedures carefully and regularly without fail. You should take care of your skin properly to heal the tattoo soon. Let us know your comments about the tattoo healing process.

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