Getting a tattoo done is definitely a highlight of the complete inking process. But it is not the end, it is the start of the healing process. This can take up to four weeks of time and this is when the skin has to be taken care of properly in order to get a tattoo that looks good. For this, you will require understanding the stages of the healing process in detail. To help you understand, we have featured this article with the brief about several stages of healing.

Tattoo Healing Stages

Stages of Tattoo Healing

Tattoo healing involves three major stages.

Stage 1

The first stage starts when your tattoo had been just finished. Initially, the tattoo is treated as an  open wound, so the artist washes and covers the area with a bandage to protect it from the harmful bacteria. It is preferred to change the bandage as soon as  the tattoo starts bleeding. The tattoo artists recommend covering the portion for the first twenty hours. Avoid soaking the bandage in the fluid as it will stick to the skin,which is not good for healing.

In this stage, the skin will become tight and sore. The part of the skin seems to be painful while cleaning. The skin is in its stretched form. The area  becomes red and swollen. It is considered to be the natural part of the healing process. The scab formed around the area should never be removed.

Wash the tattoo twice or thrice a day with soap. Dry it with a fresh paper towel, and apply the moisturizing lotion on your tattoo.  Suppose if you feel more pain, take pain relievers. The first stage takes one week to heal the tattoo.

Stage 2

The itching occurs in the second stage of the healing process. The skin around the portion will become dry and the scab is formed. It is advisable to avoid peeling or scratching. Upon scratching the tattoo, the skin gets damaged and  it spoils the beauty of the tattoo. After some days, the scab will naturally fall down. Apply some lotion on the tattoo. This stage will last for about one week.

Stage 3

At this stage, all the scab around the portion of the tattoo would have fallen. The area will be dry and tender around the tattoo. The tattoo looks dull and cloudy at this stage. A layer of dead skin may be formed around the area of the tattoo. You should wash your hands twice or thrice a day during healing. Use only the unscented anti- bacterial soap to clean your hands. Avoid using other soaps. Do not scrub the areas. With the help of warm water,  wash the hands.

Moreover, you have to Avoid swimming, using petroleum-based products on your tattoo and the direct exposure of it to the sunlight to get better results. Have a look at the below YouTube video to get know about the real time tattoo healing stages.

By following the instructions carefully, healing wounds can be achieved in a couple of weeks. Have you ever inked? If yes how did you deal with the healing process? Write to us to share your experience.