Scab formation is a part of tattoo healing. It is considered as the natural process. Scab occurs in the last stage of healing. From the below review you can collect some important points about the reasons and prevention of scab.

Tattoo Scabbing

Scab Forming

The tattoo is considered as an open wound. The process of scabbing arises when the plasma from the blood will ooze out of the wound and become harden. The scab acts a covering area of the tattoo. The scabbed area will be raised when compared to other portions of skin and thus, it becomes dull and cloudy. It will form when the tattoo does not heal in a natural manner. The scab formation causes fading of color, blurred lines and missing the tattoo design.

At the time of tattooing, your skin experiences the punctured for numerous times. This leads to producing small scabs. Within a few days, the scab will grow in large size. Scab involves a part of healing, sealing and drying process of the tattoo. After the abrasion tends to heal, the scab will appear. Scab plays a major role in protecting the wound from the dangerous bacteria.

With the help of the scab, the white blood cells will act against the germs and kill them in a vigorous manner. The length of the healing process can be determined by the size and thickness of the scab formation. Usually, the scab lasts for about 3 days.  

Reasons for Scab

When the tattoos undergo sun burn means, the scab tends to form. It is considered as a natural reaction and thus protecting the inner layer of the open wound. The outer layer of scab becomes crusty.  Within a few days, the scab will become flaky and thin. After the healing process gets completed, the scab starts to peel and it gets to fall down automatically without any external effort.  The important thing to note is that not to peel the scab or it will pull out the ink from the tattoo.


On cleaning the tattoo regularly without fail, one can prevent the scab formation. Use anti-bacterial foam or soap to clean the tattoo. After washing, allow the tattoo to get dry and clean. Once it gets dry, apply some lotion on the area. Not to apply a large amount of cream on your skin. It keeps your skin always moist.

Things to Avoid

  • Scratching the scabs.
  • Submerging the tattoo in water for a long period of time.
  • Peeling and picking the scabs.
  • Washing the tattoo with a washcloth, sponge or brush.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Touching the tattoo with dirty hands.
  • Applying lotions or cream on the scab itself.
  • Physical activities like sports, exercise etc.
  • Sleeping on the tattoo.
  • Wearing tight cloth that rubs against the tattoo.

We hoped that you can understand the topics about the tattoo scabbing. You need to note down  the precautions carefully to keep your skin safe. The important thing to remember is that not to disturb the scab. Let us know your comments about the tattoo scabbing.