Tattoos are one of the efficient ways of expressing your true self to the world. But if you are the one who is using tattoo for the first time, there are some do’s and don’ts you need to be aware of while dealing with tattoos.

You might have heard of persons saying that you should not use Vaseline or other moisturizers over the tattoos. Is this true?

There are both advantages and disadvantages in using Vaseline over your tattoo. Vaseline plays an essential role in removing the color of the tattoos. Besides, it may reduce the infection, irritation, redness and inflammation that are caused by the tattoos.

Read this blog completely to know about the benefits and drawbacks of using Vaseline.

Vaseline On Tattoos

About Vaseline

Vaseline is a non-scented lotion and a moisturizer that can be used for different purposes. The main ingredients used in the Vaseline include petroleum jelly, mineral oil, paraffin, lanolin and microcrystalline wax. This has a capability of protecting your dry skin in an effective manner.

Vaseline is a white and jelly like substance that helps to heal the infections of the tattoos by creating a barrier between the cells. It is a triple- purified product and hence, it is considered as the safest product.

How to apply Vaseline on tattoos?


Before applying the Vaseline on the tattoo area, you need to wash the tattooed place well with the water. If you feel the dryness, you can re-apply the Vaseline two to three times without any chaos or fear.

Check whether your hand is clean before you apply the Vaseline to your skin, as there are chances of some bacteria or germs attacks. Still Doubts? Wear a glove and then apply the Vaseline on the tattooed area.

It’s better to apply in nights as you rest the place for long, trust me you will see the huge difference the next morning. You can also use a clean dry paper towel while applying Vaseline over the skin.

What are the benefits?

Vaseline helps to moisture your skin effectively and you can see a huge difference if you are using it regularly over the tattooed area.

Vaseline also helps to cure the wounds and irritations that are caused by tattoos. The petroleum jelly used in Vaseline has the capability of removing the dryness from your skin completely.

Do use the Vaseline regularly over the tattoo place to experience the clear skin. People with both the rough and soft skin texture can use this product without any hesitation.

Besides, Vaseline is used to treat the cracked heels, lashes, self-tanning mishaps, sunburn and split ends and this product is available at an affordable rate in the market.

As Vaseline is one of the preferred products by dermatologists, you can use this without any fear. Vaseline can be used in any area of your body to get rid of the dry skin.

Few of them prefer Hustle butter as alternate to Vaseline, but according to me Vaseline would be the best moisturizer for clearing off your tattoos.

Here is a video that shows the difference between Hustle Butter & Vaseline during the tattoo process.

What are the Risks?

You will start experiencing pimples over your skin if you are using a large amount of Vaseline. By doing this your pores in the skin gets blocked and you may suffer from various skin problems. To avoid this, you have to apply the Vaseline lightly.

Do not expose your skin to the sun after applying the moisturizer as it may cause various skin problems and other related issues. As there are no antibiotics present in the Vaseline, you will need more time for taking away the tattoo from your skin.

Before applying the Vaseline over your skin, you need to consult a skin doctor and ask for the advice on applying the Vaseline over your skin.

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Have you used Vaseline for getting rid of Tattoos? If yes, please share your experience with me.